Maithili Shetty

ECE Grad student @ UMich | Robotics & Control Theory Researcher


I’m a master’s student studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Michigan. At present, I am part of the Intelligent Robotics and Autonomy Lab headed by Dr. Vasileios Tzoumas working on control theory for autonomous drones.

Prior to this, I was a Research Intern at the AI and Robotics Technology Park, IISc, where I worked on path planning and manipulation algorithms. I completed my undergraduate degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering at PES University, where I specialized in Signal Processing.

My broad research interests include robust and intelligent control systems, robotics, reinforcement and machine learning.


Jan 4, 2022 I’ll be starting as a Graduate Student Instructor for Physics 251 - Physics for the Life Sciences II Lab this Winter!
Nov 15, 2021 Officially graduated from PES with a B.Tech. in ECE, as a gold medalist!