1. IJRNC - Article
    Discrete-time Design and Applications of Uncertainty and Disturbance Estimator
    Ram Padmanabhan, Maithili Shetty and TS Chandar
    International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control 2021
  2. ICC - Oral
    Continuous Control of a Robot Manipulator Using Deep Deterministic Policy Gradient
    Maithili Shetty, Brunda Vishishta, Shrinidhi Choragi, Karpagavalli Subramanian and Koshy George
    In 2021 Indian Control Conference (ICC) 2021


  1. MoSICom - Oral
    A Novel Approach to Design Single-Phase Cycloconverter using SiC MOSFET and its Performance Analysis over IGBT
    Maithili Shetty, Karthik K Bhat, Anoop Narayana and Melisa Miranda
    In Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering 2020